Saturday, June 09, 2007

Day 11: Very Good Day

There are tornado's spotted by Santa Fe, I don't have a basement here, or in Vegas.

Burger update, Santa Fe:
Catamount yummmmm. the best, good bar

I also like blueberries


Anonymous said...


I love the photo of the wall posted on the 6th(?).
Who's the lady fanning herself with her hand? make up a good story. Enjoy your trip. I'd like one just like it.


Al said...

The blueberry pancakes look great; maybe next year's trip should include Maine? Not much grit but great berries.

Al said...

Heather...lest confusion prevail...the blueberry 'Al' is actually me.

Anonymous said...


Your blog's gone mad!

Only the first Al is Al.

Al (Al likes his name Al)