Sunday, May 03, 2009

The 50 States Project

Assignment: Habitat

Art House, Henderson, Nevada

To see all 50 states click HERE
Some of my favorites, Aaron Rothman, Lisa Kereszi, Steven Katzman, Shawn Gust, Brian Ulrich, Kevin O Mooney, Julie Kuceris, Peter Baker, Todd Stewart, Katie Koti, Jared Soares, Adam Jahiel.

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Eva said...


I've been following the 50 States Project, and the "Habitat" set were by far my favorite.

I work with an organization called First Person Arts, and we're looking for documentary photographers to help spread the word about our nationwide competition First Person America: In These Hard Times. We're a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization dedicated to memoir and documentary art in all forms, and this year our goal is to attract essays, photos and films from all 50 states documenting how individuals and communities are coping with economic challenges. You can find out more about the competition, prizes and judges at